#AROUND (Autonomous Robots for Observation of Urban Networks after Disasters) Programme

##Project duration: 48 months (from 2008 to 2012)

##Support The AROUND programme has been supported by 3 research projects funded by the ICT-Asia program (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs/INRIA/CNRS): SCOUT project (Survey of Catastrophes and Observation in Urban Territories, 2006-2008), IDEA project (Images of natural Disasters from robot Exploration in urban Area, 2007-2009) and ISSUE project (Integrated Spatial Support Systems for Urban Environment, 2009-2010). It also has received support from IRD (Institut de la Recherche pour le Développement, France), AUF(Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) and Ecole des Mines de Douai (France).

##Project description The global climate is changing, affecting the planet with more and more frequent and devastating natural disasters. With growing confidence, scientists predict an increase in extreme weather affecting people worldwide, especially in developing countries. Vietnam, the target country for the project described in this paper, is considered as one of the most disaster-prone countries. In addition, the fast pace of industrialization and urbanization shapes disaster risks through a complex association of concentrated populations and higher industrial hazards. As a consequence, in cities like Hanoi, not only are disasters (floods, storms, cyclones, fires, earthquakes, transportation and industrial accidents, or incidents stemming from hazardous substances) much more likely to happen, but these two uncontrolled dynamics make any intervention more difficult (like during the 1983 Hanoi earthquake).

We identify three major issues that must be faced during the conception and deployment of a robotic rescue program in a developing country:

The AROUND (Autonomous Robots for Observation of Urban Network after Disaster) programme launched by several French and Vietnamese partners (see below) aims at addressing concerns expressed in the previous section by designing an automated observation system. The system is based on (i) a local level with the deployment of autonomous mobile robots able to collect information in impacted urban sites and to dynamically maintain the communication links between rescuers, and (ii) a global level based on a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS).


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Alain Boucher, Richal Canal, Thanh-Quang Chu, Alexis Drogoul, Benoit Gaudou, Van Tuan Le, Victor Moraru, Nhu-Van Nguyen, Quang Anh Nguyen Vu, Patrick Taillandier, François Sempé and Serge Stinckwich, The AROUND project : Adapting robotic disaster response to developing countries, in Proceedings of 2009 IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics, IEEE Computer Society, 2009.

This paper is available here: http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/docs/00/53/68/57/PDF/SSRR2009.pdf

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##Contact Please contact Serge Stinckwich (Serge DOT Stinckwich AT gmail DOT com) for further enquiries about this research programme.